Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Silver Lining of Grief...

It is said that in every dark cloud there is a silver lining. Grief can feel like a big storm cloud looming over us as we try to go about our daily lives. Like a thunderstorm or tornado, one never knows when that big surge of emotion or pain is going well up and surge out into the surface of the outer being.  When the cloud hangs over constantly it can wear one down waiting for it to come and just be over with. Unfortunately that is part of the process.  It does get better and the clouds clear and the warm sun does come. A bright side of the storm is that once it comes, it can help one feel a bit drained and refreshed at the same.

The most beautiful part of the storm cloud of grief is that there is a silver lining in it at all times, although it might not really feel like it at the same time. Just like there are two sides of a coin, the silver lining is the other side of that same entity in cloud, except it is just a positive side.  One would not feel grief or the pain of it if there wasn't something beautiful there in the first place. There are several things there actually. The greatest is having experienced so much love and something special in one's life shared with that loved one you've lost, that you can feel so much pain in that void or loss.  If there was little there, you wouldn't have had the special gift of the joy of spending time or sharing something special with that person and you wouldn't feel that void now.

Try to remember what was special in the relationship and be thankful for what was so special about it. It was a gift. Not everyone gets to experience it so fully. The pain is just a flip side of a special love and joy which will live on in you and the others that experienced the beauty of being with that.

May you be at peace. With the pain, please remember: This too shall pass!

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