Saturday, May 18, 2013

Renewal and Exploration

When I last posted here in this blog, I was having a difficult time doing it.  It became too painful and difficult so I stopped. The pain of dealing with the loss of my dad was becoming more difficult and real. I wasn't able to give anymore.  On occasion, I have thought about doing it again, but became caught up in some other things.

I have reasons for starting up again. One good thing is that it is not generally for negative experiences that want to write here again.  I think what I write will be helpful and insightful to those experiencing grief and bereavement, but it will be interesting to me.
On Monday, May 20th, I'm starting to take a summer class at my local university which is called Thanatology Institute.  It will be an intensive class of four hours a day, four days a week for several sessions. It is a well-known class in the area and is not your regular "Death and Dying" class (which I've already taken and gained so much from years ago). 

There will be well known guest speakers and great assignments. I've wanted to take this class for the past twenty years!  I'm finally getting my chance.

In this blog, I want to share thoughts, experiences, insights, any materials, etc. which may be helpful or interesting.

Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the day I drove the most difficult (energy and emotionally draining wise) and fastest drive of my life to see my potentially dying dad in the hospital after going through another very stressful event the day before!  Today, I would have been sitting in his ICU hospital room with him and my brothers. He was hooked up to at least 13 IVs and had several serious machines keeping him alive.  He died that following Saturday when we made the painful decision to remove his life support.  He did go peacefully with the last few breaths being his own.

I think these anniversaries will be interesting and insightful to experience during this class time.  I want to use this time to share things here with whomever it may help, but I think I may also help myself.

In the past when I wrote here, I tried to keep it as open and universal to all who might read it. I tried to keep it less focused on spirituality, even though that's a potential component of dealing with grief and loss. The reason I kept it that way was so I didn't exclude anyone. Because what I'm writing will be more personal, I will probably include more of my own spiritual beliefs in here.  This may be helpful to some and may not be helpful to others. My intent with this is not to preach my own personal beliefs to others, but actually more to help others in whatever they make get from it. The items you see in here over the next few weeks may on occasion reflect some of my spirituality and I ask that you keep an open mind, as I will also try to do when I write it.

Any thoughts you wish to express in the comments on here, I would love to see here on any post in this blog actually!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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